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high quality marquees


The offer of MARPLAN – manufacturer of tent halls and tents includes:

  • tent halls
  • tents
  • roofings
  • sports halls
  • tennis courts
  • ice rinks
  • beer gardens
  • stables
  • depots
  • wedding halls
  • event halls (large areas)
  • fair halls
  • storeyed tent halls
  • swimming pool roofings
  • playgrounds

Our tent halls and other products can be used permanently and temporarily in trade and fair. Tent halls are ideal for fast development of large areas for different types of occasional events, exhibitions, presentations, concerts, storage, as washing stands, vulcanisation stands, quick access garages or trading facilities. A major advantage of tent halls is their light structure that enables very fast assembly and disassembly. Possibility of merging several halls provides that they are an ideal solution for the abovementioned purposes.

We produce exhibition pavilions and warehouses based on aluminum structures made of polyester, PVC, acrylic, with the widths from 10 up to 50 metres (standard) and custom length, or according to individual orders of our Customers. Side walls of tent halls and tents can be made of PVC, trapezoidal sheet metal or insulated panels. There is also possibility of producing inflatable roofs. Tent halls as well as other MARPLAN products can be painted with custom colours or be transparent. Tent halls and tents can be supplemented with additionally ordered sliding door, Hormann door or double door. Possible is also constructing floors with galvanised steel structure covered with waterproof OSB panels with standard thickness of 22mm with splice joint.

Tent halls and other MARPLAN products can be additionally equipped with heating systems using furnace oil blowers, air conditioners or other appliances according to Customer’s needs. Also possible is mounting suspended or standing lighting systems. MARPLAN also offers the option of finishing interiors with a decorative material suspended inside a tent hall under the ceiling or on the walls in order to improve the aesthetics, or ordering for the Customer different types of accessories (tables, table benches, etc.)


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