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high quality marquees

Technical description

The floor is constructed of metal grid, galvanised, covered with waterproof OSB panels – 22 mm thick, with splice joint.

Side walls covered with PVC (transparent PVC foil windows) or trapezoidal sheet metal. The fabric is inserted in channel bars of the side walls.

The door – PVC, fastened, mounted on rolls (top), Sliding sheet metal door are also mounted on rolls. Mounting roller blinds on the side walls is possible.

Each bay can be fully adjusted up to the width of 10 meters.

CANVASS MATERIAL – SAKOPLAN / SATTLER / MEHLER fabric – a polyester fabric covered with PVC on both sides, basis weight 180 g/m2, PVC cover basis weight 470 g/m2, product basis weight 680 g/m2, non inflammable fabric, thermal strength: -30 °C to +70 °C, tearing strength (250 N), breaking strength ( 2000 N/5 cm ). Tent halls covered with canvass fabric are above all light structures that enable various usage.

TRAPEZOIDAL SHEET METAL – is characterised by simplicity and distinctive form, strong and flexible, ideal for use on new and restored roofs and elevations of houses, farm and industrial buildings. Manufactured in several colours with beckryteks matt, by means of the coil-coating method which provides high resistance to corrosion. Marplan’s tent halls constructed from trapezoidal sheet metal are the guarantee of best quality and strength.

INSULATED PANELS – with EPS or mineral wool filling, consisted of two steel sheet linings and a constructional and insulating core. Outer linings of insulated panels are made of 0,5 mm thick steel sheet and are covered with metallic and organic coatings. The core of insulated panels is self-extinguishing EPS with density of 16,2 kg/m2 or mineral wool with density of 120 kg/m2. Milled bondings inside the panels increase their stiffness and largely increase thermal insulating power, they are mainly used for thermal insulation of buildings. Insulated panels provide that tent halls and tents become ideal manufacturing halls and depots of different materials.

Below in PDF format you can download the Instruction for Assembly and Use of a Tent Hall.


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